Apartment Life by Day, City Life by Night

There are certainly days when I miss having a concierge to make restaurant reservations or ask directions, and a little hotel bar might be nice after being with the kids 24/7, but for the most part, renting an apartment is the way to go. Jeffrey and I rented one the last time we were in Rome. Even without the kids, it is a cheaper alternative than a hotel, and nice to have a little breathing room. With the kids, it’s critical, even if we weren’t gone for such a long duration.

It’s so nice to be able to do laundry, prepare our own meals, and read on the couch instead of our hotel room bed.



After several days of walking, we decided to take it easy today, and rest our legs for tonight. The Trevi Fountain is beautiful by day, but magical by night. Unfortunately, we left a little late, got a little lost, and couldn’t find the bus stop for a ride home. We didn’t get home until almost midnight, and Max was basically walking in his sleep the whole way home. But it was fun to get out at night amidst all the action, with people dining outside in the streets and piazzas. ¬†We stopped at the Pantheon on the way, got a little gelato, and finally made it to Trevi.




I love Rome at night.


4 thoughts on “Apartment Life by Day, City Life by Night

  1. Hope the buzzer didn’t wake you the next day. It looks like the boys are having a great time.
    Aunt Nan

  2. Aaaaaahh, Rome at night. Brings back great memories of limoncello on the piazza watching little boys (such as yours) playing in front of the Pantheon.


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