A Walk in the Park

Another lazy day here, resting from our big night out.  We went to a little park near Castel Sant’Angelo.  Carter was complaining that all they had were a few swings (which were full when we arrived), and a “baby” play set.  But eventually he warmed up to the idea of being at a park, and had fun.

When we were out last night, we actually bought something from one of the hundreds of guys trying to sell you something in the piazzas. They are little whirly birds that you shoot up with a rubber band, and they light up, so they are pretty cool in the piazza at night. The boys took them to the park today, and had a great time until Carter’s got stuck in the tree. We tried to knock it out by tossing a water bottle at it, with no luck. Eventually, an Italian guy in the park came over to help out, and promptly got our water bottle stuck in the tree! But then he climbed up and was able to shake the whirly bird out. The water is still there.




Our afternoon gelato was at our favorite place, Teatro. I still haven’t had any that can compare to it.

A little nap for Max, who is a bear without sleep,


And finally, dinner out. It was our first one since we arrived. The atmosphere was nice, the waiters were friendly and accommodated my request to practice my Italian, but the food was just adequate. I guess it serves me right for trusting Trip Advisor. I’m pretty particular when it comes to food, which means I need to go back to my foodie blog when selecting restaurants. When will I learn?


One thought on “A Walk in the Park

  1. I loved seeing and speaking with all of you today. The museum with ancient ruins sounded really interesting and you will have to tell me more about it when you return. The coconut gelato sounds like the best, although I’d just have to try all of them before declaring my favorite. Yum!

    Love you

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