Another lazy day today here in Rome. It seems we’re getting quite good at those. Jeffrey slept late, still trying to get over his jet lag, so we were late getting started. We went to a nearby pizza place for lunch which was great. Fritti (miscellaneous fried things) are the typical starters with pizza. The boys loved the suppli, which are fried balls of risotto, and I am a huge fan of the fried zucchini flowers. As much as I love olives, I have decided that I am not terribly fond of the fried version, but am glad I tried them.

After lunch we strolled over near Piazza Navona, where we had seen an artist last night who paints comic-book-like paintings…Batman, Spiderman, Diabolik (an Italian comic), etc. The boys really wanted some of the paintings, so we told them we would think about it and go back today. To be honest, I had completely forgotten, but they reminded us, and we are now the proud owners of 2 more paintings. Glad to see we have instilled the appreciation for original art in our kids!

We had planned to visit San Clemente today, but once we got back to the apartment, we decided that naps were in order, so Max and I spent some time napping while Carter and Jeffrey played cards. The naps were much needed, since we had an 8:00 dinner reservation and big plans to photograph the supermoon. A supermoon occurs when a full moon is at its closest point to the earth, since the moon’s orbit is elliptical. this results in a moon that appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. It also results in beautiful photos.



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  1. Great photo! I’ve started my Christmas list with “a copy of Beth’s (or Chacho’s) supermoon photo”. 😉


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